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Meet Shannon,

Our Youngest and Oldest

 Permanent Resident

Shortly after purchasing The Guest House Historic Mansion in December 2017, we were contacted by a "sensitive" from Louisiana who first informed us about one of our permanent residents, a young boy named Shannon that wanted to thank us for making the mansion feel like a home again.  The sensitive told us how Shannon roams our halls playing with a blue ball.  She also informed us that Shannon's picture still hangs on our walls at The Guest House and identified the picture to the left as Shannon.

Months later, but still during 2018, paranormal investigators from Texas and Louisiana picked up audio of a young boy on their spirit box.  According to the team of investigators, the young spirit identified himself as Shannon.

With more and more evidence pointing toward Shannon's presence and more guests asking about his story, we moved his picture to the bar where it presently hangs.  Shortly after the picture was moved to the bar, a guest identified Shannon's picture as one that was painted post-mortem.  This guest studied art and pointed out that the young boy was standing in a cloud, a fairly obvious detail that had gone unnoticed to that point. After doing some independent research, we now understand the cloudy surface  clearly indicates that the painting was done after Shannon died.

It seems that Shannon enjoyed the new attention and early in 2019 presented us with the best evidence yet of his presence at The Guest House. One of our newly installed Nest security cameras picked up the video footage below.  We notice a clear resemblance between the image in the painting and the figure in the video.

All paranormal investigators visiting The Guest House agree that Shannon is happy and​ loves his home and all of our guests. 

Unedited, Unaltered, Actual Security C​amera Footage from The Guest House Historic Mansion

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